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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

English name: Guam Rail CHamoru name: Ko'ko'

Scientific name: Hypotaenidia owstoni

The Guam Rail or ko'ko' bird is an endemic species to the island of Guam. The the siehk, this means that this bird is a Guam native and is a specifies specifically from the island. Standing at about a foot tall, the ko'ko' lives in forested areas mixed with grasslands and lime stone forests. Its diet consists of mostly sees and leaves, as well as insects, snails, and lizards.

Read the article below to see how the ko'ko' bird was remove from the extinct list, which would be the 2nd bird nationally that would recover.


Grimm, G. (2020). Guam rail ko'ko'. Retrieved from

Photo by Frank Candaso

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